ISTE NIT Calicut Students' Chapter Presents

Atreya '19

The 17th Kerala State Annual ISTE Student Convention

About Atreya '19

The Annual ISTE Students' Chapter Convention

ISTE was established in 1860 with a purpose to enhance the technical understanding and to increase the human resources all over the nation. Thousands of chapters have been formed in the colleges all over India. We prospect to encourage the youth towards finding a passion in the feild of science. We here at ISTE work hard towards ensuring that students showing enthusiasm towards science have access to all resources. Looking forward to develop this initiative into a more comprehensive society.

ISTE NITC Students' Chapter

We have always worked towards the expansion of ISTE across the nation. We have conducted numerous events with an objective of uplifting and strengthening the zeal and enthusiasm of students towards science. Our next event ATREYA also centres around building a perception of budding youth with scientific acumen. This event captivates a huge crowd every year and earns a considerable position in the media as well. The ardour shown by the participants is magnificent. We hope to work in a consistent manner subsequently.

NIT Calicut is Ready for the



Annual State Convention

The Events

A wide variety of events are in store, to keep the students entertained.

Why Sponsor Us?

Be the name that resonates through the entire programme.

The perfect combination of technical activities and fun learning, Atreya is a two-day annual state convention that houses a multitude of signature ISTE events - all of which has attracted huge participation till date across various colleges throughout all its editions and also new ones, sure to surprise and test the strength of grey matter in our participants.

Atreya '19 brings along:


An active presence in media ensured by successful promotions through print and social platforms.


Mass outreach through ISTE Students' Chapters in other colleges.


Promotions carried through posters circulating in over 900 colleges and event posters in Kerala.


Video advertisements and interactive sessions.


Well executed stalls and events that successfully reach the targeted masses.


Feature on our site for the years to come as an honoured previous sponsor.

With your support, we can continue to drive our motto forward, support technical development and deliver a one of a kind fest that shall leave the participants with a cherishable learning experience.

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